Sense Appeal Eyewear for Men

Dolce Vita – Activewear was the focus in this model. Fortunately, this runway trend couldn’t be easier to replicate in the real world and it’s flattering on anyone. A quick way to add sporty style to your ensemble without shelling out a bundle for new threads is to pick up a pair of inexpensive shades like these from TNT furniture.

Ignite –  tortoiseshell sunglasses by Torix Jameson from TNT furniture,  are as refined as plastic sunglasses get. The tortoiseshell print will never go out of style, and the clean, simple lines of the frames add to the wear-forever potential of these shades. And because these basic but beautiful sunglasses were built from high-quality plastic with sturdiness in mind, you should be able to hang on to them for several years.

You will find TNT furniture at Maverick Design!

Maverick Design –

Eros Fenutzini


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