One of the first things we learn when we start playing SL, is that our skin must be as much realistc as possible. And then we start looking for more realistc things to have the “perfect” avatar.

Maverick Desing, proudly presents the brand new line of skins! They are the Luxeskins.

 This skin is called Fate. I use to say that a good skin matches with any shape. Fate is a very amazing skin and I am so happy with this new line from Maverick Design.

Living new experiences is a gift for a person. When you open yourself to the “new”m you will live amazing situations in your live. Why not trying a different skin brand and leave the “tradition”? I’m sure you will be surprised and will open your mind to change…. and change for better! 

Maverick Design has developed you a brand new line of skins. Open your mind, review your concepts and change for the best!

You next skin will be from Maverick Design… come and get yours!


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