Meet Hope, Maverick’s New Beauty

Hope was released this past friday at Maverick Designs and I am certain she will become a sure-fire hit with the grid residents. This statuesque beauty has an exotic air about her and a hint of mystery. I surely can see her walking on runways in a sexy short number with a great pair of spiked stilettos. She is perfectly proportioned and has the same attention to detail that Maverick Designs is known for, if you are looking for a “new you”, I urge you to try on Hope.

Hope’s skin is equally stunning with the pops of color in just the right areas and the very kissable lips. The body itself is perfectly shaded and very true-to-life. If you just would like new skin Hope works with different eyebrow and body shapes, she is versatile and that is something that doesn’t always happen in second life. She is a good friend to have in your inventory and an awesome every day skin with options for a elegant night look. She is just the perfect all around beauty.

Model/Photographer: Brie Pinazzo
Skin/Shape: Hope by Maverick Designs
Hair: Diva from Sixty Nine and Bebe from Truth
Lingerie: Fall Gift from Blacklace
Shoes: Wuthering Heights from Anuda


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